The group formed by
Ryota Miyake (aka Sparrows) and Sunao Maruyama
is known for collaborating with Ikonika and Teki Latex,
and releasing some EPs from legendary French label
Institubes and Sound Pellegrino. CRYSTAL released their
first full-length album “Crystal Station 64” on flau in 2015.
Influences like Jean-Michel Jarre, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Art
of Noise and Telex playfully collide in this twisted homage to
old-school Electro and Techno Pop. With deep rhythm sections,
outstanding pop sensibility, and a perfect crystal-colored
artificiality, Crystal Station 64 goes way beyond simple
fascination with Super Nintendo Entertainment Systems
and the future of the internet. Perhaps it is already
a classic somewhere in the far reaches
of our galaxy…!

Live Dates
23 June 2017 Luz Negra @10Club Madrid
17 June 2017 Sonar Barcelona (as crystal/sparrows)

14 December 2016 le Kiosque @agnès b. Rue du Jour
7 November 2016 Crystal+ZGRT+Operator Music Band @Alphaville NYC
11 Octobre 2016 @Divan Orange Montreal (as crystal/sparrows)
30 April 2016 Rainbow Disco Club 2016 @Higashi Izu Cross Country Course
2 April 2016 Saycet Live In Tokyo 2016 @Varit Roppongi
21 February 2016 Flau Night 2016 Crystal Album Release Party @Vacant
30 January 2016 SND.PE vol.5 release party @Vision Shibuya
7 November 2015 EMAF TOKYO @KATA Liquid Room Ebisu
22 October 2015 Lost In Karaoke @Karaoke Kan Ueno
8 September 2015 Les Journees Du Gout 2015 @Institut francais du Japon
14 February 2015 Arigato Tokyo Bonjour Paris @Super Deluxe Roppongi
15 August 2014 Submerse Album Release Party @2.5D Shibuya
21 March 2014 Overdrive Infinity @Dailymotion Studio Paris
18 March 2014 A Night With Crystal @Social Club Paris
9 April 2010 Institubes 7th Anniversary Party @L'enfer Paris
10 October 2009 @Social Club Paris


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