is the solo project of ryota miyake. Sparrows' first album,
   "Collected Visits" was released in 2013 on flau.
        Live Shows
            june 2017 sonar barcelona (as crystal/sparrows)
            january 2017 kotoriten3@utrecht/now idea shibuya
            octobre 2016 @divan orange montreal (as crystal/sparrows)
            june 2016 taico club 2016@kodama no mori
            august 2015 flau night festival@vacant
            may 2014 (N)ICI MUSIC DAY!!@hair ici
            december 2013 flau night festival@vacant
            february 2011 DIY3 festival@hotel claska
            august 2010 kotoriten@now idea aoyama
            june 2010 DIY festival@hotel claska
                  introducing shoebill/ryuto miyake/voice by kumisolo/music by sparrows/july 2011
                                stories in my head/miyu kuno/music by sparrows/february 2011
      dalmatian/sunao maruyama/music by sparrows/september 2009

info @ sparrowsarecoming . com